Ringler Consulting and Research GmbH…

… offers a wide range of consulting services to mining companies and institutional capital market participants.This includes, for example, the creation and distribution of equity research studies on mining companies.

Ringler Consulting and Research GmbH has excellent contacts to decision makers from various sectors of the mining and financial services industry such as

  • Fund management, portfolio management, trading desks and analysts
  • Family offices, asset managers and wealthy private investors
  • Geologists, mining engineers and many CEO’s / COO’s / CFO’s from mining companies

An increasing number of decision-makers are already familiar with our international network of experts and analytical know-how“ in the identification and independent non-bank analysis of mining companies.

We have developed a unique quantitative scoring model („RR score“) which includes 65 different balance sheet numbers, indicators and ratios. The scoring results provide a pre-selection of the most attractive stocks from our database that contains 3.145 firms. With our multi-dimensional viewing and analysis tools of the sector also LONG / SHORT trading strategies on individual stocks can be set up by using CFD’s.

We and investors from our network make our own countercyclical investments in promising, undervalued companies in the mining sector.

For mining companies

We develop bank independent non-bank research studies about your company that are distributed across multiple channels to market participants. These studies are ideally suited to raise the awareness of your company and can, for example, be handed out to interested parties and shareholders during a roadshow. We also support you with the identification and assessment of attractive M & A targets using our database and our scoring model.

For capital market participants

We will assist you in identifying and evaluating attractive, undervalued companies from the natural resources sector. We are also available as an external consultant or partner for your project requirements in the commodities sector such as the conception, set up and fund advisory of a mutual fund, building a strategic stock selection process, adjusting risk management systems, etc.


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